Many hands make a work party…a party!

Much to do on the farm, which means many hands are needed.  Please come out to Sol Harvest Farm this evening between 4 – 7 p.m. for a work party, followed by a potluck.

Rather than be predictable and put a hula hoe in your hands and send you off into the field to weed, here are some of the items on the agenda for tonight:

– Restake tomatoes (fruit is starting to emerge – very exciting)!
– Pull up broccoli plants in hoop house (SO over them)
– Pull up lettuce plants from bed 31
– Harvest tatsoi; prep for braising mix
– Hand weed tomato bed, keeping an eye out for emerging carrot seedlings (carrots and tomatoes are good companion plants)
– Haircut for Ric (pruning shears anyone…that would be sheer madness…or hair madness)!

Hope to see everyone there…please bring food or drink to share!


Farmer Ric