Who Is Sol Harvest

Ric Murphy

Farmer Ric follows sustainable growing practices and offers the freshest seasonal produce, year-round. Ric and his wife Aimee are committed to being stewards of the land and building community around food.

Aimee Conlee

Aimee can make a flower arrangement out of anything, offer sage business advice, or turn our booth at the market into something beautiful. She also believes sound to be a tool for connection with self, others and beyond. Learn more here.

Riley McGee

Energetic and enthusiastic, Riley is the soul of Sol Harvest Farm! Our resident farm dog, he’ll appreciate a scratch…then it’s off to chase lizards!

Sol Harvest Community

Sol Harvest is more than a farm, we are a community.

Sol Harvest started as an urban farm growing organic vegetables, herbs and flowers in the beautiful North Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico in January 2012. Farmer Ric Murphy follows sustainable growing practices and offers the freshest seasonal produce, year-round.

Sol Harvest proudly served as the resident farm for Farm & Table Restaurant, and sister store La Parada Mercantile, providing fresh produce to the restaurant and an on-site farm stand for 8 seasons. Eating fresh, seasonal produce is good for your health and buying local is good for the community. Sol Harvest Farm fed the community in so many ways – our CSA members received a share of the weekly harvest, school groups learned more about how food grows, and customers at the Farmers Market met their farmer to talk about local, sustainable agriculture.

After a decade in New Mexico, Sol Harvest Farm is currently on the move! Be a part of our journey! Keep up with us on Facebook & Instagram.

This is What We Believe

Start with gratitude

Listen to the earth

Build community

Give back

Weeding is meditative

Food is art

Life is Art

Say YES!

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